March 8, 2013

Hats off to mommy bloggers

Seriously, how do moms blog every day??? Everett is doing amazing things all the time, and I keep thinking, oh I should blog that. But then, life goes on. And Everett does more amazing things and none of it gets blogged.

So I'm finally uploading some videos of how great this kid is.

This video is called, "See my kid is a genius"

This video is called, "Our morning chats"

This video is called, "E eats yogurt, carrots, avocado and chicken broth. Yum!"

 Everett weights 17.8 pounds currently, and he is really exploring the dexterity of his hands. He loves to grab our faces, and he plays in my hair. He is sleeping through the night; although, some nights he wakes a little and needs his paci replaced. He will usually go right back to sleep.

He talks to us all the time, and he is always throwing big smiles our way.

We think we'll keep him!

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  1. Precious videos! Love hearing him babble!


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