February 25, 2012

Laundry Room Redo

This was my laundry room before. 

Basic. Boring. 

Got the job done.

This is my new laundry room!

Chris built the new shelves and replaced the light fixture. Sorry you can't see that part. 

He painted the door with chalkboard paint.

And made the board and batten on the opposite wall from the washer and dryer.

He even added hooks.

Porter got a custom-made food and water bowl holder.

And, we replaced the old purple rug that was here. 

The very bottom shelf is a decorative shelf, and I'm working on what to put there. 

I've had this mosaic birdhouse forever, and I put some clothes pins in a jar. Anything is cute in a jar. 

Then I have this reed scent jar, a candle and a picture frame. I feel like I need more consistency. What's something cute for my shelf to tie everything together??

February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

This year, I treated Chris to 14 Days of Valentines. I got the idea from the blog Mommy by day...Crafter by Night. You should check her out. She offered free printable labels for this project, and they were too cute to turn down. I used some of the same items as she did, but I changed some of them up to fit Chris better. 

He got one gift a day beginning February 1-February 14. See his loot: 

Day 1: I heart you

This is difficult to see, but it's a plastic heart-shaped container. 

Day 2: You Rock My World

Day 3 : I love you more than chocolate and that's a lot

Day 4: Have a great day Cupcake

Day 5: I'm so Fortunate to have you

Day 6: A little birdie told me that you were looking for a Valentine...How about you Chews me...

Day 7: You make my heart Bounce

Day 8: Love Potion

Day 9: You are one Hot Tamale
This is the blogger's photo because I forgot to photograph this day 

Day 10: I've got a Crush on you!

Day 11: Howdy Partner. What are the chances I have a Shot of being your Valentine?

Day 12: It's a Treat being your Valentine!

Day 13: I love you, Valentine

 Day 14: 10 Things I love about you..in a cute little jar

Now bookmark this post so you can do this for your sweetie next year!!

February 9, 2012

Book Review: The Weird Sisters

I've completed another book for the BlogHer Book Club. This book was titled The Weird Sisters, written by Eleanor Brown. 

The title is a reference to Shakespeare's Weird Sisters in Macbeth. And, in Shakespeare the word "weird" actually means something closer to fate. So the titled could be The Fated Sisters or Fate Sisters. 

The family in this book quotes Shakespeare to each other to communicate. Not every word or anything, but a lot of the honest, life lessons are quoted through Shakespeare. The story takes the reader through three sisters and their quest to figure out what to do with their lives. Their "fate." 

It's a nice story, but I found a few things odd. 

1. The novel is written in first person plural. We hear the story as if "The Sisters" were telling it together as one voice. For example, "Our mother was one to get lost in her thoughts, and Rose often had to make dinner." Rose is one of the sisters. See how that's strange? It's an unusual voice to write it, and it made it unique, but a little strange. 

2. The mother of these sisters is battling breast cancer throughout the book. We're told that when the sisters were young, she would often get consumed in her own thoughts and burn dinner or leave the girls unsupervised somewhere. So we know she's kind of aloof, and with her illness, she plays in the background. However, she is never named. We don't ever find out her name. Why? I don't know. We learn of the sisters' father's name through interactions with other people, but never her mother. Is this some statement about the lack of mothering and how that leaves the girls wandering through life looking for a purpose? 


To be honest, I'm not sure. I didn't feel like I got to deeply know any of the characters so it is difficult to know what I was suppose to learn. 

I will be following the conversations over at the BlogHer Book Club this month to see what other people thought about the oddities in the book. 

If you're interested, click here for more information and to see if I just missed the point entirely. 
 "This is a paid review for BlogHer Book Club, but the opinions expressed are my own."  

February 8, 2012

A Blue Moon Evening

Recently, I invited Jenny and Darrin over for some snacks and drinks. And I thought, hmmm. What should I make? I remembered seeing a recipe for Blue Moon beer cupcakes, and I knew Jenny was a fan of Blue Moon. Then I thought, what goes with it.....what about an evening full of Blue Moon beer recipes!

Of course!

You'll see here:

Blue Moon cupcakes

Beer Cheese dip

Mangria (Blue Moon Sangria)

I think it was a hit!

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