June 29, 2010

It's Not the Dogs at the Dog Park That Bug Me

With Chris back this weekend, I thought it might be fun to take Grace to the Shelby Farms Off-Leash Dog Park. They were having a little celebration Saturday in honor of the new fountain and dog-washing station that's been installed. 

We've never really taken Grace to dog parks because she never seems to care that much for other dogs. She does seem to have an eye for other labs, but that's just about it. 

I mean, she thinks she's human and all. But I had heard the off-leash area of the park was really extensive and had a lake. I knew Grace would at least enjoy running around like a crazy person for a while. 

So we went. 


I soon remembered that the reason I don't love dog parks is not because of the dogs usually, it's because of the other owners. I'm sure this is the case on the playground when you have kids, but we're not there yet. Some owners are hollering at their dogs for all the wrong reasons, and others needed to holler at their dogs. 

And, have you noticed that owners often look like their dogs?

And, what do you think our dog did? First thing? Plopped right down in the mud. She's that kid at the playground. I understand it was cool on her belly, but the other dog-parents judged us a little, or felt sorry for us. 

We retreated away from the mud to the lake area of the park. It really is impressive, and there are dogs and owners everywhere, just playing and running around.

We were given a Frisbee when we got there, and Grace loved running after it.

A pack of labs found her, but I think it was more than she bargained for. 

Here's The Face after she had been swimming. I think she was  happy. 

She even found a tennis ball in the grass, and she was pretty proud of herself. 

We did run into this little guy. He was two months old, and my heart quivered at how fluffy and sweet and carry-able Grace was at that age.

Then I remembered the pee and the poop, and I moved on. 

I think these two were  happy to be reunited. 

We may make more trips to the dog park. We'll just know that we'll be coming home with a muddy, wet, tired dog. 

Tired being the best part. 

He's Back!

Chris is back from his travels! 

And, he's back with facial hair. I guess that's what living in hotel rooms for a few weeks can do to a guy. 
Truthfully, I don't care. I'm just happy he's back. 

Now someone else can take Grace out, take the trash out, scoop poop in the backyard and kill bugs. 

Married life has its perks :)

June 28, 2010

A Nice Thank You

I've been working the Memphis Farmers' Market for a year now. I volunteer most every Saturday from 10am until 1pm or so. I either work the cafe, where we serve coffee, refreshments and pastries, or I work the information table, where I sell promotional items like T-shirts and answer people's questions. 

I was so nice to visit the market a few weekends ago and see this sign. 

I'm the first name! Thank goodness for alphabetical order.

It's in the middle of the market for all passers-by to see. Just a fun little way to say thank you!

June 25, 2010

Humming Along

 Hey, I'm a hummingbird.

I can fly and sit at the same time.

I have a pretty back too.

I have big eyes so I can what's coming like mean wasps.

I have a pretty red throat.

And, I can fly right at you!

I know these are a little blurry, but I love them. You can see their little faces (yea, they are different birds.) And, I used my tripod so I wasn't having to move the camera all around. The only problem was trying to focus on the little guys and not the feeder or the fence. But practice makes perfect, and as long as I keep my feeder full, I'm sure to get lots of practices this summer. 

June 24, 2010

Sometimes Your Tongue Gets In The Way

 Sometimes your tongue gets in the way. 

It's really big and makes your mouth do silly thing. 

Sometimes your tongue gets in the way of your pretty smile.

Surprise! I redid the guest bedroom

Chris has been traveling, and I took the opportunity to redo our guest bedroom.

 We had our "wedding" bed linens in here, but it was so dark.

 I really like this new bedding because the undertones are neutral so matching sheets and such are easy, but the pop of red is great.

And look at this great lamp! You know what lamp issues I have had, but I love the pop of blue.

 Porter approves.

Seriously love this lamp!

 And yes, that's Chris with Hill. Known to others as Hillary Rodham Clinton. Her blouse matches the lamp. 

Yeah. I'm that good.

June 23, 2010

Father's Day


Father's Day morning I took Chris to the airport so he could board a plane and be gone all week. *yeah* Note: the * mark my sarcasm.
I left him at the airport, went home, got ready for my day and packed up Grace to hit the road. We were headed to Little Rock to see my family for Father's Day. YEAH. 
Note: see, no *. 
We visited with Mom and Jack and Jenny and Thad. Well, mostly I did. Grace was a good girl and stayed at the guest house. 
When Jenny and Thad arrived, Thad surprised me with a gift. He brought me a tripod for my new camera. I love it! 

We were able to get family photos, and everyone was able to be in them.

It's got so many knobs and levels that I've got a lot to learn, but I am so happy to have it!

So glad I made the trip home on Father's Day!

June 22, 2010

Grace's Photo Shoot

One of my recent goals with my camera was to get some good shots of Grace to show her true color and sheen. 

Most of our photos of her just showed her as brown. Period. But she's not. She's chocolate brown with a really shiny coat. 

What do you think? 

The last one is my favorite. 
Sweet girl. 
Crazy as a bat out of hell, but sweet.

June 21, 2010

I Am Good People

This conversation happened on Facebook, and it confirms why social media is so awesome!

Blaze Masterson Just got my world rocked by some hominy and pork shoulder slow-cooked with some habaneros from Allison Roberts Cook. Thanks, sister!

Blaze Masterson
Blaze Masterson
it worked out like a pseudo-menudo which is both fun to say and unbelievably tasty

Matthew Brizzi
Matthew Brizzi
Are you in Memphis or is Allison in Colorado?

Blaze Masterson
Blaze Masterson
She actually mailed me some habaneros and ghost peppers she won in a contest when I asked what was up with her ghost chili vodka! This is because she is the best person.

Matthew Brizzi
Matthew Brizzi
Allison is good people.

Blaze Masterson
Blaze Masterson
I can't possibly give her enough ups either as a supplier of chilis or as a radical person who is hella nice. also you should read her blog, she and chris are always up to unbearably cute hijinx

Matthew Brizzi
Matthew Brizzi
I should frequent her blog. I've stumbled upon it a few times, like when she posts videos of her cat, who is very unhelpful when it comes to making beds.

Blaze Masterson
Blaze Masterson
cats are generally unhelpful if I can be frank

Allison Roberts Cook
Allison Roberts Cook
Yeah! Can I say I love you both to the moon, and I'm so, so glad you used the peppers! P.S. I'm totally putting this on my blog!

So here's the back story. 
I met J.D., referenced as Blaze Masterson, in the above conversation, when I was a freshman at North Little Rock High School. I think that's right. We had a writing class together, and although questionable looking at first (he towers over my 5-foot self), we became friends. 
Fast forward a few years, J.D., went to Hendrix College. A year later, I went to Hendrix College. I didn't necessary follow him, but we're a like-minded pair. 

My freshman year at Hendrix, I met Matthew. (He will maintain the same name throughout this story.) His love for writing and dry, witty humor made us friends, and actually those qualifications go for J.D. too. I like friends who get my jokes and are skilled in English grammar.

So now we're all friends. Then we graduate Hendrix and are separated. We follow each other on Facebook, occasionally making sly comments or humorous observations about each other. 

Then I start a blog. And shockingly, some people read it! When I posted about winning the box of chilies, and making the Ghost Chili vodka, J.D. sent me a message. He wanted to know more about the hottest chilies in the world! 

Since I had been given a huge box of chilies, and because I think J.D. is an awesome guy, I offered to send him some. I made a little care package of some different chilies, a recipe or two and a note.

I got confirmation on Facebook that he received them, and that was that!

Until the above conversation appeared on Facebook the other day. I thought it was hilarious and very nice. 

It proves to me that social media works, people really read my blog to see videos of Porter, and I know some really good people.

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