June 28, 2012

Our baby prison/ crib

Chris and I have had a milestone in our relationship, we purchased a crib....for a baby. 


Chris was very prepared for this crib with lots of tools...however we only needed a Phillips head screwdriver. 

So we opened the box and found lots of parts. 

I thought they were actually parts to a prison not parts to something for my baby.

But there were pretty parts. 

And instructions. Who reads these? Me. Me! My husband, not so much. So I secretly read them while he was moving the boxes out of the way. 

Miraculously, we got the crib together in no time!

I definitely helped, but I actually hated it. I was so stressed that we would do something wrong and the entire thing would break. 

Can you see the stress? This was not a difficult process, but I couldn't stand the thought of everything crumbling down. I love the finish on this crib, and I was terrified we (I) would screw something wrong and mess it all up.

Grace loved that we were hanging out on the floor with her, and she had to lay her love all over me. Not quite helpful but loving. 

And then all of a sudden there was a crib. For a baby! However, I made Chris go get our watermelon and put it in the crib. Watermelon is almost a baby...right? 

And then there was Porter. He actually tried to jump in the crib on the springs, but I realized he could break a paw on those. We put the cardboard insert back in the crib so Porter could get in it and to cover the springs. 

He was pretty happy to investigate the crib. 

So happy that he decided to stretch out.

And lay out. 

And get real comfortable. 

Chris and I are pretty happy with the crib, and we can't wait to get the bedding, wall decal and BABY to complete the room. But, until then, Porter reigns the crib. 

June 14, 2012

The universal song

Is this the universal song of all of mankind? Does it speak to us on some basic human level? Could it foster world peace?

 Twins love it:

Cool kids love it:

Little kids love it:

Dancing kids love it: 

Artists love it: 

Musicians love it:

June 10, 2012

Room at the inn

I got the best present when I returned home from the market Saturday, an empty room!!

Chris worked all morning to clean out our man cave so it can become Baby Everett's room. Yay!!

But where did all that stuff go? Well, in here. What used to be our guest bedroom.

It's not as bad as it looks, people. Most of this stuff just needs to be organized and moved around....in theory. 

But wait, do you see something? 

Yes, there's a cat in that chair!

Saturday night, we closed the door to the now-filled-room to keep Porter from getting in and getting hurt. If you have ever had a cat, you know that cats hate closed doors. More than they hate anything else in the entire world. 

Today, Porter finally managed to get the door open, and when we realized it, we found him here. 

No one with a cat is really surprised. 

Meanwhile, Grace is pretty sure this newly cleaned room is for her. 

But we told her it's for Everett! Sweet Everett already has a few things in his closet (which was also full of stuff).
My friend Laura has outfitted him with a few outfits already.

And,  my BFF Kathy got him his first book and toy.

And even some little shoes!

We've now made a little more room in our inn. 

Porter seems just fine with it...as long as we leave that chair on top of the dresser.

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