April 30, 2010

Charitable Contributions

Chris and I have gotten a whole ton better at navigating through Memphis. We're pretty awesome at getting from our daily places to our other daily places, but once in a while we find ourselves at one new place and not quite sure how to get to another new place.

So we pull out the handy dandy iPhone or Garmin. And, it seems like we always find ourselves on an adventure.

A few weekends ago, we were traveling between some new places one afternoon, and the Garmin directed us through some neighborhoods we don't usually travel. We came to a stoplight, and there was a group of young kids, boys, all wearing red jerseys with numbers but no team name on the back, and traveling car-to-car getting money. They were putting the money in an upside-down football helmet.

Chris pulled some change out of his pocket, and handed it to one of the kids.

"There's a block party right down that street that you can go to if you want," the kid says. "They have hot dogs."

"Oh, okay thanks," Chris replied.

The kid moved on to the next car, and I busted out laughing.

"What did you just give that kid money for?" I asked.


"I guess I don't know," Chris said, "but we can go to the block party if we want."

We both busted up laughing at this point, and continued to our original destination.

"At least they were all wearing the same jersey," I said.

"Yeah, I feel better about that," he said.

Oh Memphis, you are such a gem.

April 27, 2010

The Get-Along Gang

A lot of people ask us if Grace and Porter get along well. Many people can't imagine a cat and a dog hanging out. I try to explain how they play together, but nothing is as good as getting it on a video. 

Note how we go from grooming and some love to bite-your-eyes-out-fight. Awesome. 

April 24, 2010

Win the most delicious mushrooms!

You all know how much I love Marx Food, and now they are giving away 2 pounds of morel mushrooms! You should really enter because they more people enter, the more packages they'll give away.

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April 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Porter!

Porter, you're two years old today (plus a little probably.)

Two years ago, Chris brought home Porter. He found him outside a bar, late at night, with no mother or family in site. (In reality, Grace and I were waiting patiently at home!)

Porter was so tiny!

(The artwork on the fridge was Bryce's, not Chris' as you might think.)

 Grace wasn't sure what to think of him, but she was so good with him. I think it helped that he was so little.

And, I loved him. Note how big his ears and paws were compared to his little body. 

He loved playing with Grace's tail...and still does.

And getting into places he didn't belong.

And laying on Grace's bed, where he didn't belong.

 And on me, where of course he belonged!

Then, we finally put him to work.

But he still found his way into places he didn't belong.

But he is so cute!

Happy Birthday Port Man. We love you!!

Now get out of the sink and put that stopper back!

April 21, 2010

Neighborly Love and Hot Wings

This Saturday, after I worked the farmers' market, we met up with our neighbors and went to the Southern Hot Wing Festival downtown.

Our neighbors after some good wings.

All the proceeds went to the Roland McDonald House here in Memphis. There were tons of tents with teams cooking hot wings, and you could go up to each one, give a small donation and get some wings. We had some really good ones, and some that burned my lips off. But it was fun, and the weather could not have been any better.

Look how happy and cute we look about hot wings!

After we ate all the wings we could, we went to Earnestine and Hazel's for some refreshments. Earnestine and Hazel's is a really old place in downtown that used to be a brothel, and has been used in lots of different movies. 

They had an open room that we sat in, which was pretty cool. 

 And then Chris wanted to go upstairs. Oh my it was scary. There were all these rooms and bathrooms, and any moment you just knew someone was going to jump out at you with a chain saw.

Note the scary bathtub...but at least there used to be non-slip flower stickers. That was thoughtful.

Scary hallway.

And this room. The owner/manager/all-knowing guy came upstairs and told  us all about the history of the place, and how now, late in the evening people come up here and play cards, etc. I'm not sure Chris fits in.

We decided our day-time trip to Earnestine and Hazel's was enough for us so we moved on. It was about time to eat again, so we headed to Huey's for some burgers. As if the hot wings didn't fill our fried and grease quota for the day.

The fun thing about Huey's is that you can shoot toothpicks on the ceiling.

Lots of people have accomplished it.

Nicole had good aim.

Sean had a secret straw loading technique.

Occasionally, the toothpicks would fall back to Earth and hit one of us, but we still have all our eyeballs.

I think Chris enjoyed his interactive dinner.


Also at Huey's, you can write on the wall. A lot of people do it. I didn't have my huge Sharpie in my purse, but I did write my name, albeit tiny, on the wall. So just in case my signature is worth something one day, you can find it here.


April 17, 2010

Flashback: One year ago today

This is one of the only photos I can find. It shows me and Porter, and it was moving day. We were moving out of my folk's guest house (we lived there after this) and packing for Memphis. 

Such a monumental time, I like that it's capture by one simple photograph of me and Crazy Cat.

April 15, 2010

Flashback: 2007

2007 was a great year. All of my favorite people lived in Little Rock. Kathy was there; Anna was there; and Chris and I were there. I think we relied heavily on each other, and it was great for our friendship.

I was reminded of 2007 today as I was reviewing old photographs. Apparently, also in 2007, Accessory City opened in Little Rock, and Kathy, Anna and I went to check it out. There may only be four photographs, but it's worth reliving.

Oh those girls, whom I love.

April 12, 2010

The animals

So I've been working at home for a while, but the animals are still adjusting. Chris was out of town most of last week, and this is how Grace compensated. She thought that if she could stick her nose in his clothes, she would feel better. Separation anxiety, anyone? 

Then, a few days, she would come in the office and curl up in the smallest space possible. At least she's good looking. 

"Um, Mother, I'm so glad you are here more often, but I really need to sleep, get my beauty rest and play with that dog. I love you, and will speak with you in a bit."

"Mo-aam, I love you, and can we play now? What are you dooooing?"

"I'm so cute, and I need my belly rubbed. Moooom, please!"

I may have a few harry distractions, but I'm loving the new developments in my life. You never know what will fall in your lap!

April 7, 2010

Easter 2010: Our first grown-up holiday

I'm considering Easter 2010 our first grown-up holiday. I think it's the first holiday Chris and I have spent with no other family. Usually, we're in Little Rock with mine or in Jackson, MS, with his. But this Easter, we stayed home and celebrated with just the two of us.

I was a little sad that we didn't go to Little Rock, but we were fortunate that we saw my entire family just a few weeks earlier.

So on Easter, Chris and I got dressed up and went to church. I had decreed days earlier that we would be having a picnic in the park after church to make me feel better about not being "home."

We packed a lunch of leftover salmon, couscous and roasted Brussels sprouts.  We loaded up our food, picnic accessories, Grace and headed out.

Thankfully it was a perfect day. Chris got us all set up.

Mom and Jack gave Chris this picnic set for Christmas, and this was the first time we used the entire set. It includes a little table, bottle holder and two glass holders. We had to bring champagne and glasses to test it out!

I was pretty happy once we got set up, got our food out and popped the champagne.

Chris enjoyed himself too.

Grace loved being at the park, and showed her excitement by chewing on sticks.

She can't get enough tree bark.

And, for dessert, I packed the last two cupcakes I had made the week before. I used a chocolate cake box, but then topped them with this amazing frosting by The Pioneer Woman. I'm not usually a frosting fan due to the tremendous amount of sugar, but this recipe is divine, and just sweet enough.

Grace really enjoyed her Easter.

"Do you see any more sticks, mom?"

"Thanks for staying in town and hanging out with me."

After we ate and drank until our hearts' content, and even took a little nap and played two games of backgammon, we headed home.

Easter 2010: Our first grown-up holiday: A success!

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April 4, 2010

A Saturday in New Orleans

So Saturday didn't bring anything quite as exciting as a marriage proposal, but we all had such a great day. 

We stood in line at Cafe Du Monte. This line looks long, but moves pretty fast.

 I clearly wasn't aware I was in this photo. I promise I wasn't as skeptical as I appear.

We're at the front of the line already!

Some of the ladies at breakfast. Fried dough and coffee really gets you going in the morning. 

Chris took this really pretty picture, and now it looks almost like Disney World to me.

After some fried dough and coffee. 

 There was a cat in one of the shops we perused. Chris made friends.

Good looking cat, and well positioned for some love. 

This is real. Seriously, I would never make this up. It's a snow globe in remembrance of Katrina. It's a house. In dirty water. With chairs, green stuff and glitter swirling around it. Thank God for the glitter. 

My cute husband.

Matt performing his new trick. 

Jenny and Darrin being all cute and engaged. Sorry about that pole Darrin.

Being cute again.

Matt being a photographer with his (Laura's) real camera. 

A stranger offered to take a photo of all of us. It does prove we were all there at least. 

Sarah and Charlie enjoying the city. 

We made Sarah try on these Harry Potter glasses. Notice the note on the mirror. We're rule breakers. 

Laura got some super cute, non-Harry-Potter glasses.

"I got your ear."

There was a street fair and I had to take a photo with this guy. Awesome!

The self portrait. 

Still engaged!

Me and some good-looking dudes.

Laura being all professional.

This truly happened. We went into a restaurant and found this guy. Note the shirt. He's ready to party. (And yes, I'm good at the secret photos.)


Having a snack. 

I made her do it!

But the ring is pretty!

Just kidding, we're in love.

Who knew I looked so cute on the street? No comments needed.

 And then there was this guy. We walked passed a bar, and there he was. At the bar. With a drink. And asleep. Oh, New Orleans. (p.s. It wasn't that late. Seriously. We're boring adults, and we weren't out that late.)

We popped in a pizzeria and had a snack. I think we're all still looking pretty cute! What a great night with friends!

But, maybe the highlight of the night was that Chris got a room key. From a group of bachelorettes. I went to the bathroom for two minutes and the man has a room key. Thankfully for me there were several Hiltons in the area so he could never have found them again. But they were in room 423...just in case. 

Oh, New Orleans. 

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