December 17, 2011

Shooting Guns and New Phones

And, how I was able to get the cost covered. Well, I've been living with my now, free and broken phone for several weeks. The crack bothered me less and less, and who doesn't love a free phone? But then I had a revelation. If I continue to break my phone, the Apple Store won't give me a trade-in value on it. That means I could be left having to purchase my replacement phone at full cost. No ma'am. I went right out to the Apple Store and swapped out my phone. I wasn't going to leave there without a case. I don't want to tempt fate twice. Say hello to my new case!

I really like it, and Chris says it looks like my style. Here are some important points about it. It's a hard case, not make out of silicone, and it snaps onto the phone. 

The case covers the front of the phone too, adding padding if you set your phone face down on a surface. 

The case covers the edges of the phone completely. This is very important if you drop your phone on its corner edge in a parking lot...just saying. 

And finally, this case covers a crack-free phone. Yay!

In other news, Chris, Jenny and Darrin and I went to Tunica last weekend for some time at the shooting range and some time with the slot machines. 

These photos are at the skeet shooting range. The gun is Chris'. Here Chris shows Jenny how to work the gun. He had already given both Jenny and Darrin a gun safety lesson at the house, but you can never be too careful. Don't place with guns, kids!

Jenny was already getting the hang of it.

Darrin pulled the button for her first clay/first shot.

Seriously a natural!

The happy gun couple.

Then it was Darrin's turn.

He was breaking clays right and left!

And then it was my turn.

Why yes, that gun is twice my size. After my obligatory shot, I called it a day and kept score.

But Jenny kept right on shooting! At'a girl!

Darrin continued to hit clay after clay. Chris and he were neck and neck on my scorecard.

I pulled the button for Jenny.

Don't we look like we belong?

An action shot of Darrin being the button guy for Chris.

Manly men. 

After our shooting, we hit the casino and found this festive Christmas village. It was all made out of gingerbread!

And someone came out the winner for the weekend...I wonder who?

In final news, I sold my old, new dining room chairs on Craigslist! Remember the pretty slip-covered ones that Porter scratched to death? Well, I finally sold them! The couple came and picked them up, paid in cash, and hauled them away all on the same day. I'm so happy they are going to a good home, and the woman plans to sew new slipcovers for them. Everyone wins!!

December 14, 2011

Porter goes screwy and Grace sleeps

I've been trying to get this on a video for some time now. Chris and I find the tops to our sink plungers all over the house. They make a fun noise as they slide across the hardwood floors, according to Porter. I knew no one would believe me if I didn't have proof on video, but Porter unscrews these tops. Unscrews them, I tell you!


 And what does Grace do while Porter is working his magic on the sinks? She dreams of a better life.


December 7, 2011

And the winner is....

Laura is the winner of the $50 Snapfish gift card! 

Happy Holidays!!

**And the update on our Christmas is that it's still standing! Porter hasn't tried to climb the branches or pick off all the ornaments. Success!**

December 4, 2011

My view from the finish line

Saturday, Chris ran the St. Jude Marathon. 

While he was running all over the city, I was volunteering at the finish line at AutoZone Park, giving out space blankets and medals and generally helping out. The greatest part was that I was there when Chris came across the finish line, and I got to "medal" him. 

After spending time at the 5K, half marathon and full marathon finish lines, I learned some lessons. 

1. You can not determine a person's running ability based on weight, height, gender, creed, religion or color. I saw all kinds of people come across those finish lines, and the length of the race did not correlate with any of the above-mentioned factors. Pregnant women in the 5K, dads with kids in backpacks in the half marathon and hefty men in the full. Tall lanky men stumbling in the half and petite women throwing up after the 5K.

2. Most people are very generous. There I was just standing around at the finish line doing minimal labor, and people who had run for miles and miles and raised money for St. Jude were thanking me for my time. It was consistently amazing and reaffirming that most people are inherently good. 

3. Marathons are emotional events. Now for obvious reasons, the St. Jude marathon is especially emotional. People are wearing t-shirts in memory and in honor of patients. Some families are running in thanks and others in pain. There's no getting away from that. However, I think marathons in general are emotional. I think it's something your body seeps into after hours of running. At the full marathon finish line, I medaled a girl, probably about my age, and she was weeping. I told her congratulations and asked if she needed help. She said she had no family there, and she asked me for a hug. I wrapped my arms around her and held her for several minutes while she cried. She said it was her first marathon. I continued to congratulate her and tell her how proud she should feel of her accomplishment.  Marathons are emotional. 

4. Marathons make you delusional. Not all, but a whole lot, of people coming across the finish line, mostly from the full marathon, were completely delusional for several moments. Their minds just weren't there. I'm sure it's a side effect of the places your mind has to go when you're running for more than 20 miles. I'm sure it takes it a bit of time to get back to reality. But seriously, marathons make you delusional. I had one person thank me for the pillow when it was clearly a big long blanket. One person kept running at full speed through the finish line and when he reached the water station, a true dead end, he stopped and looked completely confused. I think he couldn't tell his body to stop running. Another person, whom I have known for some time, didn't recognize me when I medaled them, gave them a blanket and then walked them to the water station. Thankfully, Chris recognized me immediately. That would have been a bummer. Thankfully marathons don't make you forget your spouse. 

5. Marathons make you sweat. I know this is an obvious one, but after putting medals around runners' necks and wrapping space blankets around runners' shoulders for several hours, I was covered in other people's sweat. Which is grosser than your own sweat. It's just a fact. 

December 1, 2011

Christmas tree update and a giveaway

So our live Christmas tree has been up for several days now, and it's still standing! No cat climbing the trunk. No dog knocking it over with her behind. Last night we added the ornaments, and we have our fingers and toes crossed that the animals in the house will continue to leave the tree alone. 

In other news, who wants $50? Everyone, right? Who wants $50 at Snapfish? Everyone, right? I'm very excited to announce that Snapfish has offered a $50 gift card to one of my readers. It's very exciting because Snapfish has just launched a new line of home decor items, created by Genevieve Gorder, host of “Dear Genevieve” and judge on “Design Star,” both on HGTV. Don't you love her?

I've got my eye on a canvas print

It's the holidays. You want to freshen up your house for parties and/or the new year. You want this gift card. How do you get this gift card you ask? Leave me a comment on this post telling me what is top on your wish list for Christmas. A new purse? Peace on Earth? A car with a big red bow on it? Tell me all about it. 

You can leave your comment until December 7th at 6pm. After that, comments will be closed and a random winner will be chosen. Yay! 

Happy holidays!

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