May 20, 2013

Everett's baptism

This Sunday was Everett's baptism. I scheduled it after our regular service. Unfortunately, E doesn't love church. He is not a fan of the organ, and there is a lot of organ in a Catholic service. So we spend a lot of time walking around and hanging with other kids in the cry room. It's not that he is crying really, just on the verge.....a lot.

Because of this, I was worried that by the time his baptism started he would be so stressed and tired that it would go horribly wrong. 

Silly me. 

This kid is awesome. He LOVED his baptism. He stared and stared at the deacon the entire time. I think he liked his voice. He didn't mind the pouring of the water any more than just a little flinch. And, he even let the deacon take him, walk to the altar, bow and come back. All by himself!

Adoring grandmothers

Good-looking grandfathers

Note the beginning of the staring

And the staring

Stayed calm through the water 

Just hanging on to daddy's tie

Being good for his new friend 

Love this shot

This picture melts my heart. 

E definitely made a new friend.

I think he might have wanted to do it all again!

He rocked his daddy's baptism outfit, but I'm glad we didn't wait another week. It barely fit!

Love getting love on such a nice day. 

May 19, 2013

7 months. 7 facts

Everett is seven months old, and I can't believe it. I'm sure I will say this each and every month. 

I took his seven-month photos in his baptism outfit. His baptism is coming up, and I wanted to have some photos of him it in this month. This is the outfit his daddy was baptized in.  (Stay tuned tomorrow for his baptism photos.)

This month the props became an issue. Not sure what the answer to this, but it made for funny photos. The sign lasted about one shot. The green thing is a pea pod rattle I gave him first thinking it would distract him.

After smearing the sign and playing with the monkey, I removed all props. E preformed even better.

After a completed photo shoot, you may want to rest and contemplate the day...

7 facts: 
1. E officially weights 20 pounds, says our scale at home. 
2. He has three teeth and they are all on the bottom. 
3. His baths have moved to the bath tub, and my back doesn't appreciate it. 
4. He has added spinach, pears and peas to his diet. 
5. He isn't crawling, but will begrudgenly turn 180 degrees on his belly. 
6. If you offer your hands, he will pull up happily and stand.
7. He has started truly babbling with da das. It's so funny to think what all he has to tell us about!

May 5, 2013

6 months. 6 facts.

Everett is six months old! Half a year. Wow. 

Here's our six-month-old guy. 

Here are six facts about Everett. 

1. He is sitting up by himself. 

2. He "talks" all the time, and he especially loves to blow raspberries and squeal loudly. 

3. He loves his food, and he's currently eating yellow squash, bananas, avocado, broccoli, apples, butternut squash, parsnips and carrots. I'm making all this myself, and I enjoy it. 

4. He cracks me up. He loves to be tickled, and if you bring your face close to his, he usually laughs and squeals. 

5. He has two and a half teeth. His third tooth is on its way in, and it's on the bottom along with his others. 

6. I chose this outfit because it's the same one we had his newborn photos taken in. Can you believe this is the same baby? Newborn photos by Stacy Kinzler Photography.  



The next set of photos are hilarious to me. He was in a really funny mood and making so many faces. 

We've had the best six months ever. 

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