January 9, 2012

Purse talk

So I think I want a satchel purse. Am I old or out of touch with fashion? 

According to lovemypursenality.com, a satchel is usually defined as: What makes it a satchel is the handles and the shape of the purse.  The handles are smaller and is typically worn by the elbow, the shape of the purse is a typically shallower with rounded edges.  However, a true ‘satchel’ has an additional shoulder strap.

Here are the reasons that I think I want a satchel:

1. I want to carry my wallet, phone, earbud case, checkbook and new touch Kindle. All of these things are very small and very flat. I think they would be easy to find in a satchel purse due to its shape. They would all just sit right there and not roll around in the extra room, right? 

2. My current purse is too big. Is that possible? Maybe. I love my current purse. It's a hobo, and while I love the look of it, I'm constantly swishing my arms around in it trying to find stuff. So aggravating! 

3. I must have a shoulder strap option. I don't really care if my purse has small handles, but it has to have a shoulder strap. I need my arms free to do things like buy groceries, swipe my credit card and live in general. 

Okay, those are really all my reasons, so what do you think? 

Here are some examples of satchels from Endless.com

HOBO INTERNATIONAL's Blanca satchel in Cognac

Cole Hann Avery in Poppy

Co-Lab by Christopher Kon Katie-864 Satchel in Cognac

Melie Blanco Lana Satchel in yellow

Out of these, I'm leaning toward the HOBO because it looks the smallest in width without being too roomy for things to get lost. 

Because I love you all, my readers, I'm asking for your vote. On the right-hand side of my blog is now a poll you can take. Please choose your favorite. Rock the vote!


  1. I always carry my purse on my elbow, so I'm a big fan of the satchel.  I say go for it!

    I like the top two.  I tried to vote twice but it wouldn't let me. :(

  2. On my elbow, at the elbow, by the elbow.  Whatever.  You know what I mean, right?

  3. I like the top two. All cute choices!

  4. I like options #1 and #4... but all are fab.

  5. I am in the market for a purse too. This was helpful. I really like the hobo.


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