May 25, 2011

How do you suck it up?

Vacuuming is big business in my house. 

We vacuum every day. 

This is not an exaggeration. 

If I don't vacuum the downstairs by the time Chris gets home, he does it. The upstairs gets vacuumed at least once, or twice, a week. 

So, vacuuming is a big deal. Almost six years ago, when we got married, we chose a canister vacuum. It looks like this one:

Before we purchased it--actually it was a gift. Thanks!--I did my due diligence in research. At the time, we lived in a one-story, all-wood-floors home. From my research, canisters are the best vacuums for hard-surface flooring. 

Today, the vacuum is slowly falling apart. There are tears in the electrical cord, where we've run over it with the canister. The carpet-rolling part only works when you turn the handle all the way to the right. And, Chris took off a piece of the handle cover so "it would work better." 

Now that it's falling apart, Chris declares it a piece of crud and says we should buy something totally different. Just for the record, this vacuum has vacuumed approximately 2,190 times. It's survived 3 moves, and it DOES still work. SIX years later!!

With that being said, I agree it's time for a new one. But what should we buy? 

I may be the only person left, but I love bagged vacuums. I really don't think I want to dump out all the dirt and hair. It seems like it would make another huge mess. Also, remember, we have a lot of hair in our house: a cat, a dog and me. Doesn't all the hair get tangled up in those "filters"? Currently, I like just taking the filled bag out of the vacuum and throwing it away in its nice, contained package. 

Chris thinks an upright would be easier to manage than chasing around the canister and cord. I don't entirely disagree. However, most of the uprights I've seen weight a minimum of 25 pounds. I can't imagine lugging that up and down our stairs almost every day! And, most uprights are bag-less. 

So this is where you come in, dear readers. 

What vacuum do you use? Do you like it? Are bag-less vacuums gross? 

I'm up for any and all suggestions!

Oh, and I don't want to pay $500 or something go!


  1. Well, seeing as how I had to call you over just to show me how to work my Swiffer Wet Jet, I don't think I'm going to be any help here. But I can't wait to hear the suggestions. Our vaccuum is a complete piece-o-crap!

  2. Purple animal dyson. Greatest purchase I have ever made. Perfect on wood and carpets and delicate rug. Love it! Buy it online at kohls through ebates with a coupon for the best money back! And if u plan right buy it when you get kohls cash back and buy yourself free clothes! (Yes I did that!)

  3. Christopher CookMay 27, 2011 at 6:35 AM

    OCD Husband=(broken vacuum+stong wife+clean house)

  4. Hi Allison.  Can't believe you are addicted to vacuuming!  We have an older Dyson and yes it is one of those "awful" upright bagless things.  We have had it for probably 10 years and paid close to $500 at the time.  Okay, so far, I own everything you say you do not want!  Having said that.....I love this vacuum.  The suction is better than any vacuum I have every owned.  I love not having to remember to buy bags.  It seemed in my past life I was always forgetting to buy the bags and I could not always find the one I needed to fit our vacuum.  I just take it to the garbage can open the trap door and it all falls in the trash.  I touch none of the yuk!    I once owned a canister and hated the fact that it would tump over and always seemed to be in the way.  However, that was 20 years ago and I am sure the design is better.  Dyson does have newer and lighter weight versions now.  Not sure if they have "lighter weight" prices.  Having said that, I look at a vacuum as a major appliance purchase (particularly with your vacuuming needs)  and recommend that you invest in a really good model.  They don't make applicances like they used to.  So read up on consumer reports! But I vote Dyson bagless and will buy another one when my dear purple upright friend departs this earth.

  5. HI Allison, I have about 5 Electrolux vacuums since my Dad sold them for 25 yrs.  I can't imagine using any other kind.  However, he has been dead 10 yrs and no idea how they are now since Electrolux has started making appliances too.  They used to be expensive, less so now I think.  At one time it was door to door only but I think I have seen them at Sam's.  Suction and throw away bags are a  must.  My Dad used to carry around articles about how they keep down allergies etc.  So at least look into them.  My Dad was of the opinion that if you weren't going to buy the best, might as well buy the cheapest sinceall the others were terrible.  I have not looked at your blogin awhile so will do so.  PS You must have the cleanest house in Memphis.


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