August 5, 2009

The antics of the day

I'm Moe. Who wants to be Larry and Curly?

I have had a day of antics.

This morning, I got up early because I had to go the bank to deliver all of our paperwork for our loan. As I left the house, thirty minutes before I usually do, I discovered one of my back windows had been left open the night before. Last night we had a huge storm with crazy winds. I had also parked underneath a tree/bush with lots of pink flower. This morning the tree/bush had no flowers, bu the inside of my car was an operational florist.

When I discovered that half of my backseat was wet and covered in flowers, I made the decision to continue on to the bank as scheduled. The car was wet and would be wet, but our money can't wait!

Our loan officer told me to go to the Bank of Tennessee branch on Court Street and someone there could scan all 40-plus documents and send them to her (her office is in Germantown).

I knew exactly where Court Street was. I drove down it, found a large building that said Bank of Tennessee and pulled in the visitors parking space.

I went in and found the building to be more of a corporate operation than a full bank with tellers. I thought this was part of the plan since I don't want to task any old teller with all my personal financial documents.

I told the lady at the front why I was here, and she called someone to help me.

The new lady ushered me into her office, and although she seemed a little confussed, she said, "No problem," as she went away to her scanner with all my documents.

Several minutes later she returned and asked me to confirm who she was sending these to. I told her our mortgage officer's name. She said, "I don't have her in our system." I pulled out my trusty iPhone and looked up her email address.

As I was doing this, the nice lady said, "You know it's okay, but we don't usually do this."

Ice cold water slid down my spine. I realized that I was in an unfamiliar city, at an unfamiliar office with all my financial documents in the world.

I read my broker's email address aloud.

I said, "Am I at the right place?" Already knowing the answer.

"We are First Bank of Tennessee," said my helper/scanner.

"That's different than Bank of Tennessee, isn't it?" I said, already knowing the answer.

"Yes, and this is the recruiting office."

Ahh, I wasn't even at a real bank! There was no turning back at this point. "Can you send those documents to my email?" I say. I stand there waiting on my iPhone to chirp at me.

"I am so sorry," I say. "I'm at the wrong place aren't I? So sorry to waste your time, but I really appreciate it. I'm new in town and my husband and I are buying a house, and..."

iPhone chirps at the receipt of the emails.

"Thank you for your time!"

(take papers, exit office and scene.)


  1. Great material for that book you are going to write!

  2. What a great story! You should take that sweet lady some cookies, but be watching your credit score...


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