November 21, 2009

Mirror, Mirror

But not on the wall.

I'm searching for two bedside tables for our master bedroom. To review, you can see our bed here and here.

One option would be to get the tables that match our bed, but I didn't want to do that. I don't want a room full of wood. What you might not be able to tell from the photos, is that on each corner of the bed, there is a silver, metal circle, and the feet of the bed area also shiny silver. That made me start thinking.

What if I got two silver bedside tables? Okay, not really silver, but mirrored. Not crazy Vegas mirrors, but those antiqued, almost mercury glass looking tables?

So the search has begun. Chris has been patient while I shopped and looked around for a good deal, but he really likes things to be finished. So help me out! The photos below are just for inspiration. None of them are completely right, but they are somewhat along the lines of what I'm looking for.

What do you think? Know of any good deals or where I should look for something like this? I hate to order it online due to the shipping, but I would if there wasn't must assembly required, and of course, if I got a good deal ;)

I feel like I want one a little more rounded than these since our bed is rounded? What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. I really like the first one. It has a warm aged look to it which is pleasing. It doesn't feel shiny, cold or contemporary. Also it has the rounded features you mentioned.


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