July 25, 2010

Birthdays Abound

We're in the celebration mode with two July birthdays in my family. 

My mom's birthday and my grandmother's birthday fall one week apart. Since Chris and I aren't able to travel to Little Rock during the week to celebrate with the family, I wanted to have our own celebration with the birthday ladies (who I didn't get a photo of together!). 

We had a family dinner at Ashley's at The Capital Hotel, and my oh my, was it delicious. We even had personalized menus for the occasion. 

This is my basil lemon-drop martini.

Me and the almost-birthday girl.

Chris got a group shot. 

We like to dress up and eat good food.

 The other Birthday Girl and Jack. 


A good picture of Jenny and Thad. 

And to end the evening, the birthday girls got special Happy Birthday plates.

Yeah for a birthday-celebration filled weekend!!

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  1. That was such a great night. So glad you wrote about it!


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