October 8, 2010

Categorizing My Life

The money management system we use has categories and subcategories for withdrawals. For example, I would enter a check to our veterinarian as Pet Care with a subcategory veterinarian. For their food it would be Pet Care, food.

But I never know how to categorize my receipts from Target and WalMart.

Personal Care? 

I did buy mascara and body wash. 

Pet Care? 

Porter needed that new toy mouse because he has lost all his others. 

Job Expense? 

I will be using those Sharpie pens for my profession. 


The tights were on sale, and it's almost boot weather. 


I did buy a card to give to someone else. 


We were out of paper towels. 
Chris doesn't always need to know what I buy on the dollar aisle. It's a dollar!

I've determined that I need a category titled All The Other Crap I Bought When I Only Meant To Buy Paper Towels.

Maybe it will be on the next software update.

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