June 19, 2011

Girls paint the town

Last week, my girls group got together to go to a guided painting class. Thank goodness for the guided part because I'm no painter. There were several paintings to choose between, but all the girls chose the same one. This one was painted by the director as the example: 

We could each change the colors to what we wanted. I decided I wanted to paint it to match our guest bedroom. Here's mine in process. 

When we finished up, we took a group picture. I love how they all look so good, but so different. 

Here's my finished one hung in the room. (I didn't work hard enough on this photo because you can see the reflection from the glass-top dresser on the wall.)

I painted that!

It even has fancy texture on the trees.

One final shot of the room. Sorry, with glare again.

1 comment:

  1. That's amazing.  I like the way it picks up the color of the lamp.


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