January 14, 2011

Friday News Round Up

I'm not one to do a random post very often, but here's a little list of somethings rolling around in my mind at the close of this week. 

1. American Express emailed us our bill on Christmas day. Seriously? Can't I at least open my presents and play with my toys before you slam the bill in my face? Terrible.

2. It's been cold, and so I've been wearing my "softies" a lot. Softies are things like fleece jackets and pants and fuzzy socks. Because of this, and the fact that both Porter and Grace stretch out and roll around on our carpet floor upstairs, we've been a shocking family. Grace will come over and put her head on my lap, and BAM. A shot of electricity jumps between us. I'll pet Porter and BAM, a shot of electricity bounces around. Poor animal children probably think I've turned into a witch and gained powers. 

3. I've started drinking my morning coffee with chocolate, or drinking my hot chocolate with coffee. Whichever way you prefer. It's delicious! I use several scoops of my William Sonoma hot chocolate, and then brew the coffee right on top of it with our new Keurig. All supplies mentioned are from my in-laws. Thanks! Some mornings I even add a marshmallow for good measure. 

4. I've very excited to report that I've ordered a new camera strap for myself. I ordered it from Swanky Camera Couture. 
 I can't wait to receive it, and show it off!



  1. You will LOVE the Swanky Camera Couture strap. It's the second one I've gone through, and it's perfect. I'll always go back to that store for my camera straps.

  2. Megan-I actually found the link to Swanky Camera Couture on your site! I tagged it a while ago and finally decided to order one. I can't wait to see it. Thanks for the recommendation :)


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