February 18, 2010


This is my BFF. Best Friend Forever.

We met each other Move-In day at Hendrix College. My mom and I sat next to her family at lunch. We all ate chicken tenders and probably mac-and-cheese. It was delightful. Turned out her dorm was across the parking lot from mine. She was tall. I was short. We set dates and lunches to hang out, and it turned out that we were actually star-crossed lovers, and our stars had finally aligned. After our love took off, the rest is history. But it is to be noted that we celebrate our anniversary. Our anniversary of the famous family, chicken tender lunch. 2009 was our eighth anniversary. Eight years is bronze and pottery. We were excited this weekend to learn that our 10th anniversary is diamond. We were thinking of a little girls' trip, but maybe we'll throw in some diamonds.
So, she and her boyfriend came to visit Memphis life this past weekend, and they brought a box of hot sauces and salsas from Austin. I was very excited.

We enjoy taking pictures of each other taking pictures. They are several of these through our eight years of BFF love.

It's true love. We had a great weekend filled with adventures, dining, drinking, hanging out, pedicures and love. Mostly love. So although our men were there, and they were great, my 8+ year love was there, and that was pretty cool.

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  1. Best. blog. entry. ever.

    I love you too!!! We really are soulmates. I can't wait for our 10 year anniversary...diamonds and tin my lady. And Sandals Jamaica.

    Come SEE ME SOON.

    p.s. I read you Toph blog too. I guess I was behind a bit. I want it to be noted for the record that I would never eat all the beef in your leftovers.

  2. So true, my friend. You would never eat all the beef in my leftovers. HEAT

  3. Cute pics! So good to see Kathy, if only in photographic form! Glad you guys had a good visit.


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