April 12, 2011

The Hot Springs

This past weekend we traveled to Hot Springs to see the ponies with a group of friends. 

Unfortunately, our drive down on Friday with Jenny and Darrin was extremely long due to a tractor trailer accident that shut down a large part of I-40. We did get the pleasure of driving all the way through Biscoe, Hazen and Carlisle before we were allowed back on the Interstate. 

When we finally got there, we were all ready for dinner. We walked to Central Park Fusion Cuisine, and it was tasty. 

Saturday, we got up and headed here for breakfast. 

We realized that Darrin and Matt matched. "Are they really the same?"

"I think they are pretty close!"

Laura wanted to be a part of the matching group, but she didn't make the cut. 

After breakfast, it was time for a Duck Tour

We drove through the city and then boated around the lake. 

We even went over some steep hills, and everyone was told to raise their arms like they were on a roller coaster. 

But the fun didn't stop there. Next it was time to head to Oaklawn to watch the ponies race. 

The Earls, plus a lady. 

Now, the Earls. 

"Matt, where's your lady?"

There she is!

Our first ticket was a winner!

And then there was this guy. I think his calves were cold maybe?

No socks!

We spent some time in the sun in the infield. 

And, Jenny won some money!

 Okay, Jenny and Darrin won some money!

And, Chris found a friend for Laura. 

Unfortunately, I don't have one photo of me, but I promise I was there. And, we all had such a good time that I really didn't stop to take that many photos. It was the perfect weekend trip, and a good start to spring!


  1. #1 award-winning photograph: "Man in Black Socks"

  2. We were so close... We were walking the Promenade as y'all were eating pancakes (thank you tweet from Darrin). And, we totally ended up at Central Park Fusion Saturday night. It was such a good weekend in Hot Springs, I'm pretty sure there was zero fun had in West Tennessee with out all of us!

  3. So funny! In such a small city, I can't believe we didn't see you. Glad you had a good time though!


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