April 2, 2012

Redesigned chandelier shades

With the little upgrades to our living room, I didn't want the dining room to feel left out. 

Here's a before photo of our chandelier in the living room. 

The shades are black, and they look like this when lit. 

When they aren't lit, they look...well...pretty black. 

Recently, I received the latest Ballard Designs catalog, and I saw these seagrass chandelier shades

Cute, right? But a little pricey. I had recently purchased some rope for another upcoming project, and I had an idea. 

I'd just remake our shades!

So not exactly like the Ballard Designs ones, but I assure you they were much more affordable, and they definitely lighten the room, which was my goal.

And, if you peer into my living room again, you'll see a lamp from my in-laws with a seagrass shade.

So both rooms tie together a bit. 

Yay for an easy house project!

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