May 18, 2009

World Championship BBQ Fest

So our second day in the city, we visited the WOrld Championship BBQ Festival in Tom Lee Park, along the river. There were TONS of competitors, and we took advantage of the nice weather by walking around, eating BBQ, looking at vendors and getting some free stuff. One of the awesome free things was samples of Tums. Someone was thinking! Here are some pics.

We needed change to buy our tickets, and Chris ran down and up these stairs while I waited at the top. This is his trophy picture. 

BBQ nachos are delicious!

Me on the riverfront

Me on the walkway with the competitors

We cleansed ourselves with a salad for dinner and a long walk on the riverfront. So far, we've enjoyed eating in Memphis. Yum!


  1. What a day! It brought back memories of my first days in Memphis. Deni and I walked to what we thought was the closet bus stop and found ourselves in the middle of the ghetto. We needed your GPS.

  2. I want Memphis BBQ! Can you overnight some to me? There is a BBQ place right near us that claims to have Memphis style BBQ, but oh how wrong they are. I guess we are far enough away from the south that people don't know what they are missing.


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