May 18, 2009

A New Day, A New City

Today I had many things on my agenda: call the utility company, get my name on the lease since I will be living here full time, cook Chris' favorite meal for dinner (meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beams) and get Grace more dog food.

We feed Grace and Porter a very high quality animal food without the nasty hoof, hair and low-protein ingredients of the normal grocery store food. I went on Wellness' web site--the brand of animal food--and it listed several dealers in Memphis. I MapQuested the closest, which was only two miles away.

Someone was moving a washer and dryer on the stairs outside this morning, and Grace was having a difficult time not barking. I decided to pack her up in my car, with a towel on my seat, and head out for the short drive.

We drove the few miles and found ourselves looking at an empty lot. No pet store. I remembered there was another pet store listed on the web site on S. Cooper. I turned to my Garmin, Chris' Christmas presents from his parents, and typed in S. Cooper. Grace and I set out again.

Twelve miles later, we ended up in the ghetto. In the residential ghetto with no pet store in sight. Thankfully I had my trusty guard dog as my co-pilot.

Once again I looked to the Garmin and looked up pet stores. I found Hollywood Feed and Pets twelve more miles away. I picked it because it was one of the furtherest from where I was, and I figured that was a good thing.

Grace and I drove to Barlett and turned it to the shopping center to find NO PET STORE. I was seriously about to lose my mind. I called the number and they said they had moved three blocks down.

When I went in and told them I was looking for Wellness pet food, they said they only had the treats, and no one else carried it in the area. A customer informed me that All Pets in Germantown carried it and the store was located at Germantown Parkway and Dexter.

I went back to my Garmin, typed in the cross streets and it said no intersection. At this point, I decided I had been beaten.

I went to the grocery store on the way home, and Grace enjoyed her dinner of the equivalent to doggie lucky charms cereal.

Oh the adventures of a new city! Grace seemed to enjoy the car ride. What a face.

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