June 7, 2009

18.46 miles

That's how many miles Chris and I rode on our bikes this weekend. Friday night we rode to the Harbor Town town square and watched and partied with the 5K run. Of course, Chris wished he could have run, but we didn't know about it until the day before. Anyway, we rode our bikes from our apartment, followed the racers and enjoyed the band in the square.

On Saturday, we awoke early and shopped the local farmers' market. There area ton of booths with lots of vendors and really great produce, meat, flowers and bath products. 

After the farmers' market, Chris and I went house shopping with our realtor, Myra Sheddan. We visited 14 houses in Harbor Town, where we plan to stay. We saw some sad homes and some great ones. We hope to keep our eyes open while I'm securing a job, and then we can buy a house and stop living in rent "bungalows" with robbers, a lovely pool house or a one-bedroom apartment. We've done it all, except a real house, so we're excited!

After house hunting, we opted for some burgers and a nap. It was a big day and we relaxed the rest of the time. 

On Sunday, we visited our first church, St. Mary's. It was a small, beautiful church, which we enjoyed. There are two other churches within the same square block, and we'll continue to visit them the next few weeks. We loved our church in Little Rock, St. Andrew's, and it will be difficult to replace. 

After church, we rode bikes to the store and then played in the pool for a while. I read my latest Vanity Fair, and Chris made friends with a kid in the complex, and we all ended up playing ball in the pool. The sweet boy also picked me a bouquet of flowers. So nice!

After the pool, we got ready for the piece de resistance of the weekend: Gus's Famous Fried Chicken. We've been talking about Gus's for weeks. It was actually featured on the Travel Channel's Man Vs. Food, as well as were several other places around Memphis. 

We arrived at Gus's and were not disappointed. A hole in the wall, where you order beer by the 40 (we split one), with only  two choices on the menu: fried chicken with sides and fried chicken with white bread only. White bread is considered a given here. Placed under the chicken, it sops up the grease. 

I had two pieces of friend chicken with white bread, and Chris had three pieces of fried chicken with the sides. We also threw in an order of french fries for good measure. 

There was a little bit of wait, but once the food got there, it was on. Chris and I are responsible, healthy eaters, which lead to the look in Chris' eye after his first bite: out of control. He tore it up! And, it was all delicious, although I only got one bite of the cole slaw and half a bite of baked beans. The man was on a mission. 

We were slightly delirious as we left, and we are true Gus's fans; however, due to coronary concerns, we will limit our visits. 

So at the end of this weekend, we consider ourselves extremely lucky to be enjoying our new island. 

**as a separate note: I published these pictures as small rather than medium. Let me know if they are too small or happily load faster. 


  1. Wow, I'm exhausted just reading about your weekend. I'm so glad you are having fun. I hope you continue your blog. It makes it so much easier to feel connected to your new life.

  2. Chris can make friends faster than lightening! Can you ship me some of that fried chicken? These westerns don't know how to cook it properly. Keep up the exploring!


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