June 4, 2009

Packages of Life

Today I realized that I hadn't spoken to anyone all day until Chris came home. This must be the stay-at-home-wife syndrome. A little banter with Grace and Porter of course, but not with a real human. I would say that I'm refining myself, but I don't think that's the case.

I did make it to the West Memphis WalMart for a little shopping extravaganza. I arrived at the Store-O-Arkansas with damp hair pulled back in a Clip-E, no make-up and in denim shorts. I seemed to fit right into my new surroundings. 

When I arrived back on the island, I found that I had packages! People love me!! The first package was one that I was expecting. Some time ago I had broken my coffee canister, the set being my mom's original. I was heartbroken since they were vintage and difficult to replace, if at all. 

I searched etsy.com a few months ago and actually found the sugar canister, which I ordered and have been using for coffee. 

This Sunday, the person I purchased the extra sugar canister from, emailed me and alerted me that she had discovered my coffee canister! I was so happy that this stranger was searching for me, and I purchased the coffee canister immediately. 

If you haven't played around on etsy.com, I encourage you to do so. You can search by vintage items or handmade ones, and there's tons to see. 

Also today, I received a package from my BFF, Kathy Woerner. The excellent package consisted of a snazzy USB/Flash memory stick, a book about cooking and murder (all my favorite things):

 And, a packet of treats for Grace. Although, Porter was pretty convinced it was for him. 

 All in all, a good day on the island.


  1. I love the shout out for my package. Enjoy the book...I love this series and I know you will enjoy my love cooties I left for you on the pages. :)

  2. Oh and did you notice the hip Cedar Park logo on your flashdrive? We, at the City of Cedar Park, are very hip and tech friendly.


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