September 27, 2009

2 equals 2

I know a garage is not the most exciting topic for a blog, but I just have to share that our house has a two-car garage AND two cars fit into.

There's even room to open the doors and actually get inside each car!

You'll also notice there is a canoe hanging from the ceiling...

A very nice cabinet for boy-related accessories...

A place to hang man stuff... 

And, even a man nook for tools, man crafts, etc.

Basically, the garage is the perfect Man Cave, and I love it because it keeps all of Chris' accouterments outside of our house.Yeah!!


  1. And it is sooooo clean for a man cave

  2. I also had a full blog post dedicated to the fact that two cars fit in our garage! It is the little things in life ;)


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