September 12, 2010

Three is a crowd

This big guy showed up the other day on our hummingbird feeder.

He's actually a butterfly, right? The biggest I've ever seen.

And then, this lady showed up.

And then they drank together.

But were still a little unsure of each other.

And then this terrible little guy showed up. 

The little lady had to fly up top, but the other two stuck to it. 

So here's proof that three really is a crowd.

1 comment:

  1. omg this is crazy! This would never happen in L.A lol

    So great to meet you - you know why? You are only the second blogger I know (aside from myself) who actually has a job! All the blogtresses who can lounge at home make me I wish my man had the dough to keep me in PJs as well...another life maybe!


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