September 2, 2010

The Mountains, The Woods, The Sticks, The Middle of Nowhere

No matter what you call it, we were there.

We were in the land without AT&T. 

But man, was it pretty!

I don't think I had ever been someplace that had such a mixture of dessert and mountains. 

And some parts were almost barren, but others were lush and green.

Can you see the little bee on the left side of the yellow flower?

I loved how the mountains showed all the shadows and light between the sun and the clouds.

But the best part of being in the mountains turned out to be the sunsets.

The aliens may very well be coming down in this one.

Chris got these last two, and I love them! I think they are the perfect balance of light and scenery.

Being without cell phones and the Internet is sure better when you have beautiful things to enjoy.

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