December 17, 2011

Shooting Guns and New Phones

And, how I was able to get the cost covered. Well, I've been living with my now, free and broken phone for several weeks. The crack bothered me less and less, and who doesn't love a free phone? But then I had a revelation. If I continue to break my phone, the Apple Store won't give me a trade-in value on it. That means I could be left having to purchase my replacement phone at full cost. No ma'am. I went right out to the Apple Store and swapped out my phone. I wasn't going to leave there without a case. I don't want to tempt fate twice. Say hello to my new case!

I really like it, and Chris says it looks like my style. Here are some important points about it. It's a hard case, not make out of silicone, and it snaps onto the phone. 

The case covers the front of the phone too, adding padding if you set your phone face down on a surface. 

The case covers the edges of the phone completely. This is very important if you drop your phone on its corner edge in a parking lot...just saying. 

And finally, this case covers a crack-free phone. Yay!

In other news, Chris, Jenny and Darrin and I went to Tunica last weekend for some time at the shooting range and some time with the slot machines. 

These photos are at the skeet shooting range. The gun is Chris'. Here Chris shows Jenny how to work the gun. He had already given both Jenny and Darrin a gun safety lesson at the house, but you can never be too careful. Don't place with guns, kids!

Jenny was already getting the hang of it.

Darrin pulled the button for her first clay/first shot.

Seriously a natural!

The happy gun couple.

Then it was Darrin's turn.

He was breaking clays right and left!

And then it was my turn.

Why yes, that gun is twice my size. After my obligatory shot, I called it a day and kept score.

But Jenny kept right on shooting! At'a girl!

Darrin continued to hit clay after clay. Chris and he were neck and neck on my scorecard.

I pulled the button for Jenny.

Don't we look like we belong?

An action shot of Darrin being the button guy for Chris.

Manly men. 

After our shooting, we hit the casino and found this festive Christmas village. It was all made out of gingerbread!

And someone came out the winner for the weekend...I wonder who?

In final news, I sold my old, new dining room chairs on Craigslist! Remember the pretty slip-covered ones that Porter scratched to death? Well, I finally sold them! The couple came and picked them up, paid in cash, and hauled them away all on the same day. I'm so happy they are going to a good home, and the woman plans to sew new slipcovers for them. Everyone wins!!

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  1. Yes. The store might not consider replacing your phone if the broken one is too damaged for a swap. Good thing you found out about that before the damage in your phone turned worse. It’s also wise that you bought a cover for the new one – that should lessen the damage in case you dropped it again.

    Bryan Barnes @ Cell Phone Repair


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