September 17, 2011

Dining Room: Take 2

For our anniversary this year, we redid our dining room. New table, new chairs, and then I redid the wall art

Well, the slip-covered chairs didn't fit our lifestyle very well. And by lifestyle, I mean this guy: 

Porter loved the fabric on the chairs so much that he couldn't keep his claws off of it! I continue to use the claw covers (see here), but as soon as one of the covers would fall off, he'd head straight for the chairs. The slipcovers just got picked to death!

The chairs underneath are perfectly fine, and they are now for sale! Check out my Craigslist page

But, we had to make a decision: Continue to purchase new slipcovers every few months, or just buy four new chairs to replace the fabric ones. I headed back to the same antique store where we bought our table and wooden chairs, and in the back of the store, he had four wooden chairs for an absurdly low price. I took their photo, sent it to Chris and left the store. I promptly returned and purchased them. 

They are a similar ladder-back design to the other two wooden chairs we already have. 

I like that they don't match our Head of the Table chairs exactly, but I think they complement each other nicely. 

New dining table: no fabric!

While I was finishing the dining table and chairs combo, I also decided that it was time to finish up that last empty frame on the wall. 

I used paint chips from Low's and the flower paper cutter from my tray project. I cut three flowers from the same color, and I positioned the three flower shapes on top of each other to make a full looking flower. 

It took a while to make, but I really like it!

A finished dining room. For real this time!


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  1. I love the dining room take two, but i LOVE the paint chip flower art!  Super cute!  Add it to the list of things you can make me anytime you're bored... :)


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