July 6, 2012

A new car: an old car

Today I got a new car!


I'm  very excited about the new Subaru Outback seen here: 

When I say that I'm excited about the new car, I really mean that I will be excited about the new car when the shock of spending a sizable amount of money wears off.

I really hate spending money.

I love saving money and looking at it on my bank statement, but dang I hate to spend it. Even if the money is saved up in order to be spent, I just don't like it. The minute I write the check, I have all these non-nonsensical thoughts like, "Wait, did I count the zeros in our bank balance right?"

"What if something happens before the check clears, and all of our money disappears?"

"What if they call me tomorrow and say they need a lot more money for no apparent reason?"

See what I mean?
Being responsible with money really has its limits. 
I am also sad to lose my old car, seen here:

Big V, the name of my now old Volvo, was an awesome car.

My husband is probably rolling his eyes because he was always afraid of an ever-pending, costly repair bill. BUT this never happened.

I think they just never really bonded.

Big V had 120,000 miles on her since 2002. She was always good to me, and I'm sad to lose her. 

However, it was time to let her go, and I hope to pass her on the streets one day, pimped out in neon paint with rims.

We do live in Memphis...


  1. CONGRATS AL!!!! :) i'm so happy for you!!!! :) Topher will get over it soon enuf. ;)

  2. “Big V” is in the hands of his new owner now, getting revamped and ready to roll on the street! I think your old Volvo did a fine job, but when a car reaches its limits, it is time to let go. It’s sad, but you’ve gotta move on, especially with a new ride in sight. So how is your Subaru? What name did you give to this awesome ride?

  3. I’m sure “Big V” is also thankful to you for taking good care of him for a long time. And he deserved a break after reaching up his miles. I totally understand your feelings. Spending money on a new car is something you have to think about. Like any other properties, vehicles are also an investment. And you surely want to put money on something that is valuable and can serve you for a long time. But I think you made a pretty good choice with your Subaru. With proper maintenance, you and your hubby can use it for a good number of years.


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