July 16, 2012

James Taylor concert

For Christmas 2011, I got Chris tickets to see James Taylor at Mud Island Amphitheater. The concert wasn't until July, so Sunday we finally got to enjoy his gift!

We were so blessed that the weather was incredible. We had rain earlier in the day which brought the temperature down, and there was an amazing breeze off the river. Add to that the thousands of bats that flew overhead to eat all the mosquitoes, and it was perfect combination!!

Here are five things I learned. 

1. James Taylor can still rock it out. In no way did he sit on his stool the entire time and play laid-back music. He was up, dancing, jumping around and all over having a fun time. It was a very fun concert. 

2. Video taping the entire concert on your iphone is ridiculous. From our seats, we could see loads of people with their iphones out most of the concert filming it. Now yes, it is nice to have a clip or two from the concert, but when are you going to re-watch three hours of a concert taped on your wide angle camera phone? For reference, this is what it looks like through your phone: 

It looked way better from our seats!!

Totally okay for nostalgia sake, but three hours worth? Not quite. 

3. There is always a lady up front standing the entire time dancing--even to the slow songs. Stand up. Put both your arms straight out, and raise your hands to the sky without moving your elbows. This is the constant dance position. Now sway this way in slow and then fast motions. You are now the lady up front dancing to every song. 

4. If you bring an original James Taylor album to one of his concerts, and you sit close to the stage, he will ask you to toss it on stage and he will sign it. No, this wasn't me, but it does show what a cool guy James Taylor is.

5. Another personality you may see at a concert is the guy who thinks he has the complete set list that he downloaded from the Internet. This guy sat in front of us. He had printed out the "James Taylor Set List" from the Internet, and he spent most of the concert referring to it, and talking to his girlfriend about it. It was a constant conversation about, "He's playing this next." "He didn't play it, what a waste." "This is terrible if he's not playing his originals." "Well, that's the end of the concert, so we should leave." The unfortunate/awesome part is that after this couple left, James Taylor played a three-song encore of many of his classics. This teaches you that 98% of things on the Internet are true...that's according to the Internet. 

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