August 16, 2012

My Austin Vacay 2012

**This post is belated. Not because it's not about something awesome, but because I've been having technical difficultly with my iPhone. It's been crashing my computer every time I tried to use it. Finally there was an update for it, so it cooperated a bit better today. So, Ta da!**

I was very fortunate to get a quick trip to Austin to see my BFF Kathy. I left after the farmers market Saturday, which made for a long day, but it was totally worth it.

The first morning I was there, Kathy made this delicious breakfast with a fitting coffee mug.

Then she toured me at her new office building.

It was Sunday so it was pleasantly empty.

I love the ceiling treatment!

We made our way to the top floor and the City Manager's Office.

Where Kathy was working away....

Just kidding! I made her pose in a very professional manner in her very unprofessional Sunday attire.

She is so well know that she has even been illustrated in a book.

Seriously! It was a Christmas gift from a coworker who recreated a Christmas Tale with coworkers. I think it's a milestone in life to be illustrated in a book!

This is me outside of a place that was busted for human trafficking. Note: human trafficking is awful, but with Kathy's and my love of all things Law & Order, it was somewhat that sad way.

Although the sign is gone, it was previously known as Panda Paw Paw. Very Law & Order SVU.

Then we met up with Kathy's guy friend.

I look extremely pale here, but we're pretty cute nonetheless.

Another great part to my trip was seeing Pepper!!

I also refer to her as Peeps, Peps, P. Just to cover all my bases.

I took this photo in a park because it reminded me of this adult-appropriate video:  

We went on a lovely little hike/walk. I wonder what happened to the other half of this rock monument?

We walked around enjoying the scenery for a while.

Holla! I'm outside walking!

Kathy was so sweet to shower me with some gifts for Everett! 

They were all vegetable themed as a nod to my farmers market!!!!

Kathy is great to include a book for E's library, and the Very Hungry Caterpillar was a perfect fit. 

Look at these cute onesies with veggies on them!

And she even found a little crate of soft vegetable characters. 

Beyond cute!

We also spent plenty of time just hanging out and catching up. We did a little shopping downtown, and we decided to express our love for each other publicly.

Just kidding! We didn't spray paint that, but we did enjoy it.

We spent one evening watching the bats leave their napping spot underneath the bridge by the Four Seasons.

Another day we visited a vineyard.

I think Kathy looks pretty good amongst the grapes. 

We lifted the leaves and found real grapes!

As if all this wasn't enough, Kathy made me the most delightful tomato and corn pie. She even made the crust from scratch!

Pepper was very interested in this lovely dinner.


It was such a fun trip, and my last before Everett arrives!


  1. I've had a great time browsing your lovely blog. It was great seeing you this afternoon. Hugs, Bonnie

  2. Best quote of the trip: "You two continue to amaze me." -Your Husband, Christopher


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