August 26, 2012

My First Shower

I was so lucky to be showered by very close friends in Little Rock last week. 

Susan and Linda also hosted by bridal shower, so it was like the gang got back together seven years later!!

They rolled with the owl theme of our nursery, and they had a beautiful centerpiece. 

What a precious cake. 

They even had Everett's initials hanging in the tree. 

Look! It's me and Everett's grandmothers!

 Look! It's me and my grandmother and mother. We were actually re-creating a photo from my bridal shower--seven years ago. I think we all look just the same.

My beautiful cousin and aunt. 

 Look! The grandmothers!!

Re-creating another shot from my bridal shower. 

A few of the ladies from my mom's ladies gang.

Carol and me!

Mom and Ann matched!

Crystal, my sister-in-law, was so nice to bring Colton. I don't get to see him often, and although, I never get to love on him enough...I got some good love time in.

Let's move to the presents. The ladies were beyond generous. Everett got lots of wonderful things. These photos are just a glimpse at their loving support. 


A robe/smoking jacket ;)

This set of clothing, blankets, socks and toys came with its own garment bag!

There's nothing like a soft sleep sack and bib. We should all wear things so soft. 

Jenny and I always take cute photos. 

This is my longest friend, and I couldn't have been more thrilled she could be there. 

This outfit was made by my mom from our own family alpacas. She used the fleece from the alpaca and spun it into thread. She then found someone to knit the thread, and we have this amazing outfit of a sweater and booties. There's no price on this.

Look at me and sweet Colton and by beautiful sister-in-law. 

My distant cousin, my grandmother, my mom's friend Kim and her daughter Mia. I'm telling you, I was showered with love from all over. 

Love this one.

And finally, me and Everett's Gran.

There's no way to thank people for such love and support, but thanks.

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  1. Looks like it was a great shower and you got some really good gifts!


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