September 29, 2012

Professional Showering

Chris and I were so honored to be showered by his work folks. 

That's us. 

And look at this cake! It looks just like our Skip Hop Treetop Friends!

 Can you believe that one of Chris' co-worker's husband made this??!?!

They had a wonderful spread for us to enjoy.

And look at this diaper cake!!! It's amazing. It was so pretty and accented with our owls and stroller toys. These ladies went all out!

They had boards where people could guess the date and the weight.

We will see who is a winner soon!

They also had baby food that you had to guess what it was. 

And above and beyond all of that were the gifts!! LT stands for Little Topher. (Christopher)

This blanket has Thad Everett on it and is beautiful. 

These people were so generous. Here's a wonderful diaper bag. 

Here's some diaper cream: Butt Paste. 

They had a game where everyone got a clothes pin and you couldn't say the word "organic" nor could you cross your legs. If you did one of those things, the person who caught you doing it, got your clothes pins. 

Mario was clearly the winner. 

The entire group, along with all the individual gifts, also got us our pack and play, which I'm unbelievable thankful for. 

Here's Chris with the cart we needed to get all our gifts to the car. 

These people are amazing. 

Laura even came up to help us celebrate. 

Aubrey played a special role getting all this together, and we enjoyed every aspect of it. 

We are so appreciative for all of the love!!

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