September 7, 2012

Surprise! It's a shower!!

I had a regularly scheduled monthly board meeting, and after the meeting, my board adjourned to my surprise baby shower! They had it all set up next door to our meeting place, and I was totally taken off guard. Chris had known about it for weeks, and he was able to keep the secret. 

It was at Laura's house, and she had everything set up so nicely. Even a fluffy It's A Boy pin for me to wear. 

Everett got some wonderful things, including this adorable giraffee onesie!

There is just no good way to take photos of someone opening gifts. I learned that from Laura's shower. So I'll spare you most of the ones where my mouth is opened weird or I have some half talking, half laughing look on my face. 

Well, here's one. 

I've got a pretty awesome group of folks to spoil me so good!

The cupcakes were a huge hit. Look at those vegetables!!

The carrots had bow ties; the potatoes had pacifiers and the corn had a little hat on. 

Here's Laura, me and Laura with our cupcakes. 

Seriously! So cute!!

Thanks so much to everyone who celebrated Everett with us! I'm taking you all up on your offers to babysit. 

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  1. Those cupcakes are so darn cute! You have some great friends.


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