November 5, 2012

Everett's two week journey

Time is going by so fast in our house right now. It seems like Everett just got here, but he is already 20 days old today.

Here are some photos from the past two weeks. These were all taken with my phone because I've found it's difficult to always have my big camera out and ready.

I love how Porter is sitting on the top of the chair in this one. 

Bath time. 


Everett's already had a play date with Katie! Although he slept most of the time. 

I love him all curled up. 

First recorded smile! I actually think this series was just moving his face around, but I caught it at the right time. 

The day before Halloween, we put on our first Halloween outfit. 

The day before  Halloween is also my birthday, and we were all able to go out to dinner with mom and Jack. Everett slept through the entire meal!

Birthday kisses for mommy. 

Bath time is always precious. 

On Halloween, we dressed in our real costume. 

We call this levitating arm, "creepy arm." It often creeps out of his blanket or creeps into the air. 

Sometimes he is very concerned. 

But other times happy. 

And a lot of the time, he is just hanging out. 

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