May 5, 2013

6 months. 6 facts.

Everett is six months old! Half a year. Wow. 

Here's our six-month-old guy. 

Here are six facts about Everett. 

1. He is sitting up by himself. 

2. He "talks" all the time, and he especially loves to blow raspberries and squeal loudly. 

3. He loves his food, and he's currently eating yellow squash, bananas, avocado, broccoli, apples, butternut squash, parsnips and carrots. I'm making all this myself, and I enjoy it. 

4. He cracks me up. He loves to be tickled, and if you bring your face close to his, he usually laughs and squeals. 

5. He has two and a half teeth. His third tooth is on its way in, and it's on the bottom along with his others. 

6. I chose this outfit because it's the same one we had his newborn photos taken in. Can you believe this is the same baby? Newborn photos by Stacy Kinzler Photography.  



The next set of photos are hilarious to me. He was in a really funny mood and making so many faces. 

We've had the best six months ever. 


  1. Such a sweet boy! Love the "then" and "now" pictures. It's crazy how much he's grown in just 6 months!

    The last set of pics are hilarious. Outtakes are always my favorites! (Ahem, you could've had an "outtake wednesday" you know...)

  2. His cheeks have surpassed Miles's. He is just too cute. Love all his expressions.


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