June 25, 2013

8 months old and awesome!

Everett is 8 months old!
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Honestly these photos were taken at 8 months and one week. On his true 8-month birthday, I realized it was his birthday at 7pm when he was already asleep, and the next day we left for the beach. More on that later!


See that mark above his left eye? It's his first true injury from trying to crawl. He took a lunge into the side of a bookcase.


Here's the attempt with the usual props.



At least you can see this is 8 months!


Love that you can see the injury and the sign in this one. The glossy stuff on his face is from the balm I put on his wound.


Love him!


Here's an extra good one of the injury.


Stay tuned for photos from our beach adventure!

And here are 8 new facts about E:

1. He hasn't gained that much weight, but he has lengthened out a lot.
2. He has four teeth on the top that came in at the same time!
3. We've added mangoes, strawberries and green beans to his diet.
4. He babbles all the time and is making lots of letter sounds and combinations.
5. He's developed a sense of humor. If you look at him funny, he will laugh out loud.
6. He is great to play by himself. This is such a wonderful trait for a work-from-home momma. He is happy to sit on the floor and play, while I get some computer work done.
7. He still isn't crawling. He's gotten a lot better at going from sitting to his belly and belly to back.
8. He doesn't like strangers. He likes checking people out for a bit before warming up to them. He likes his personal space, and I can't blame him. 

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