July 14, 2009

Does Countering a Counter Equal a Positive?

We've countered the sellers' counter offer, and we're again waiting. In the meantime, here are some anecdotes to pass the time.

I entered to win Kobe Burgers!

I love the Marx Foods Blog, they are listed on the right as one of my favorites or click the image above. They blog about cooking techniques and unique foods, and they are constantly giving away amazing foods. Like AMAZING food. All you have to do it leave them a comment, and they randomly choose one. I hope I win the Kobe burgers because at my house-to-be there is a yard where Chris' grill can live and hence the need for the burgers!

In other news, I had a stranger cut my hair. No, not one of the many of the streets here, but a gay Cuban. I have never had anyone cut my hair but Patrick in Little Rock, but hey, it's time to live a little. So my Cuban owns a salon on Front St., and I pass it every day. It has a pretty chandelier, hip chairs and a nice logo. That's all I needed to know. I plopped right down, and he went to work. I discovered that not everyone cuts hair the same. I know this isn't a revelation to most of you, but I'm new here. He cut part of it dry and part wet, and he thinned it out without using the razor. I'm not a fan of the razor. Anyway, it was a delightful hour with my new Cuban, and at the end, I received a new haircut, which I like, and I paid him $35. I don't think I've paid so little for a full haircut since 1997. Thanks, Memphis!

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