January 5, 2010

At Home Christmas Eve

So this was our first Christmas in our new house, and we hosted Chris' family, including his folks, sister and her son Bryce. Here are some photos from our extravaganza. Please make it noted that I made a sweet potato soufflé, a vegetable casserole, and a chocolate pecan pie. I had some professional help with the crescent rolls and Honey Baked Ham. I thought everything was great, and I really enjoyed Christmas in our new house.

Here I am on Christmas Eve cooking. I really enjoyed getting most of it done beforehand, and so I could really enjoy Christmas.

Please forgive that neither of us has on our makeup, but we were in cooking mode. Here is my mother-in-law and me.

After I had cooked on Christmas Eve, and we were all hanging out, the lights went out. All the lights. On the entire island. Ummmm, not good. I checked with MLGW and 18 areas were affected, including something like 1800 customers. Oh dear. Thankfully, we pulled out the candelabra and had a very nice, romantic evening!

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