January 4, 2010

The Ghost Chili Vodka experiment

I am still working through my great box of goodies from Marx Foods Blog that I won, and one of the packets included Ghost Chilies. I capitalize it because they are the hottest chilies in THE WORLD. Seriously, in the entire world!

So I looked back on MarxFoods.com, and they made vodka with their ghost chilies. I thought, why not? And even better, I will give it as gifts in case it's totally toxic or gross tasting. At least it's unique!

You can see the original recipe here.

Here are my instruments:


Here I am preparing for battle. Yes, I wore gloves. They are THE HOTTEST CHILIES IN THE WORLD, PEOPLE!

I was having a little reservations.

It's so little to be so hot. Kind of like me.

Okay, I'm ready and excited about it. Let's do it!

There it is. Floating in the bottle. It take one ghost chili per liter of vodka.

I'm sorry to say that I didn't even remember to take a photo of the final product, but it was pretty. The pepper gave the vodka a nice red color, and I took the pepper out after 2 days, per the recipe.

Thanks again, MarxFood.com!

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  1. Um, I was hoping it was toxic and/or gross tasting so I could have been the benefactor of your vodka gift. I take it that it was not.


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