January 31, 2010

Snow Day with a side of ice

Friday brought ice and snow to our little island. Chris and I both worked from home, and watched the white stuff fall all day.

This little guy spent most of the day perched on our balcony hiding out from the precipitation. He was pretty cute. We figured he might have come from a nest in the bush across the street because he would fly back down to it every once in a while.

I celebrated with hot chocolate. And, I wore my athletic wear with reflectors just in case someone needed to find me or reflect light off of me.

Chris was home too!

Look at all the snow! Real live snow.

Pretty neighborhood.
Grace spent most of her day like this.

But Chris took her out for a while, and I braved the cold too.

Friday was a nice little winter treat. That evening we braved the snow with our neighbors, and traveled to the pizza joint on the island. It was trivia night and we won 2nd place!

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