March 20, 2010

My Coffee Cup

This is my travel coffee cup. 

I use it every morning. I goes with me to work and sits patiently next to me, providing my morning caffeine fix. 

Today my coffee cup is sad. It's sad because it no longer gets to go to work with me in the mornings. 

It doesn't get to go to work with me in the mornings because I'm not going to go to work in the mornings. 

I quit my job!!

And even better than that, I have another job!!!

AND even better than that, I will be based out of my house!!!!!

I've taken a job with Green Line Marketing Group as a senior marketing specialist. I can't wait to begin work with a new batch of clients, and rely a lot more on my writing, creative thinking and history in media. I think it's going to be a great match.

So, my travel mug will not be getting its morning exercise. It looks like I may be using its cousin a lot more.


  1. Awesome! I've been working from home for around two years and it is completely the jam!

    You might want to look into occasionally dropping into a Coworking space like , which allows you to have some of the trappings of a traditional office environment--meeting space and "coworkers" to talk to--with all the freedom you get from working from home.

    Congratulations and cheers!

    Jonny D


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