August 30, 2010

Double Rainbow! What does it mean?

To understand this post, you much watch this video. 

It's recorded by a guy who gets really excited and emotional about a double rainbow. I don't condone it, but he may have been involved in some drugs here.

So as we headed out to New Mexico this past week, we, mostly Chris, played off of this video quite a bit.
For example, we would see a large bird flying, and I would say, "oh look, Chris, there's a huge bird flying." And, he would respond, "A huge bird? What does it meeean?"

And then we saw this from our house.

Can you see the two rainbows? The brightest one on the right and the faint one on the left?

It was a double rainbow!! In the mountains of Taos.

What does it meeeean??

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  1. Oh.My.Gosh. I had never seen that video before. Wow. Just wow. At first he seems excited, like a double rainbow means he's going to win the lottery, and then he starts crying like a double rainbow means he's going to die within 24 hours.
    But, super cool that y'all saw one (two?) too! I hope it was every bit as emotional for you guys.
    And, there's no way you can watch that video and not think that drugs must really make everything so much cooler.


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