December 18, 2010

Wrap it up!

Since you've read my drama about wrapping packages, let me show you my plan for wrapping paper. 

I use the same color palette for Christmas. 


Red and white. 

Let me show you why. 

I would always wind up with tons of wrapping papers for Christmas, and every year I would drag them out and find little pieces, just-short sections and leftover crazy-colored bows. Then I would go buy a few new ones, updated bows, and my storage space became quite cramped. 
It wasn't working for me. 

So I had an idea: Stick to one color palette to make it easier to blend last year's papers and bows with this year's. Also, choose paper that is multifunctional throughout the year.
Here is my collection this year. The two print rolls are from last year, and I purchased the solid red this year. I could also use the red all year, yeah!

I purchased two ribbons this year instead of a bag of bows. Those pre-made bows never last year to year; they are expensive; and they seem to always fall off if you transport the package at all. 

The white ribbon is of course very versatile, and I like the sparkly red print.

Porter likes the sparkle too. 

I also had a box of candy canes in the pantry, and discovered they made perfect package toppers!

I enjoy having the same color palette under the tree, and I think the candy canes really worked!

Now, I do have sacks that don't match. I usually grab these throughout the year when they are on sale...or on the $1 aisle at Target!

I keep all my sacks, tissue paper and accessories in a Rubbermaid box. I add to it all year, as I mentioned, and it has saved me a dozen times when I needed to wrap a quick package. 

So that's how I handle the beast of wrapping paper and materials. 


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