March 25, 2011

Birthday Finale

I really love birthdays, and I decided to host a March birthday dinner. With Chris and Laura sharing a birthday and Charlie's birthday just days before, it seemed appropriate. 

Everyone had a gift at their seat. Even the non-birthday people needed a little something. Notice our new table centerpiece? It's a shaft of a barrel from Buffalo Trace distillery in Kentucky. It used to be a part of a barrel that held and aged whiskey. Chris drilled holes in it, and now it holds tea lights. I wonder if the wood feels less manly?

Back to the party. I strung up a Happy Birthday sign and decorated our sidebar with a few birthday goodies.

The birthday girl and her guy.

The birthday guy and his girl.

Here's the birthday cake I made. More about it later.

The full set up.

Sarah got a slightly belated birthday gift from Laura and Matt. It was a birthday type of evening!

Chris and I gave Laura this necklace.

And we gave Charlie this St. Jude golf shirt.

Chris racked up too. This is a box of goodies and a gift certificate to a company called You Bar that lets you create your own granola bars and other goodies. Very cool gift. I'll report back as to what recipe he makes.

Chris also got a very nice dopp kit from Sarah and Charlie. Totally needed for my traveler.

Sarah and Charlie gave Laura a furniture-making book. I think we're all secretly hoping to benefit from it!

And now back to the cake. Yep. I made that.

It's a six-layer cake, and each layer is flavored with a different fruit. I didn't want to use Jello, so all the flavoring is natural. I prepped each fruit in its own bowl, and then added my cake batter.

I baked all six cakes separately and then stacked them on top of each other once they had cooled.

And, I didn't really want to use food coloring, but the second-from-the-top layer has just two drops in it. The flavor run down, from the top, is strawberry, grape, orange, kiwi, lemon, blueberry. It was a little labor intensive, but I thought it looked festive for a birthday(s) party.

And, every birthday party needs a clown!

See the cake: 

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  1. That cake = delicious.

    That clown = hot mess.


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