March 9, 2011

The Lolli Report

Our friends Matt and Laura were nice enough to bring Lolli to visit us. I anticipated all the photo opportunities with two dogs and a cat. How cute they would be! To my surprise, photo opts are difficult with three animals because they are each running a different direction. 

Here are some cute ones that I did get. 

First, Lolli found Porter's scratch wave, and Lolli decided it was a much better chewing post. Can you see Porter looming in the background?

Then Lolli decided that Chris' shoe was so stinky she just had to stick her head in it to investigate. 

Next, she took a little rest in my hands. Yep. She fits in my hands with room to spare!

After Lolli was rested, we let Grace inside to meet her. I call this photo The Standoff.

Lolli moved first and showed what she was made of, going straight for Grace's face. 

How funny is this!?! Little bitty Lolli reaches up and tries to pummel Grace in the face. I love, love this photo because you can see Lolli in position and the questionable glare from Grace. 

Grace mostly stared at Lolli a lot and dodged her face pummels. Here's Lolli taking a rest in her bed. Notice the looming Porter again? 

Lolli wasn't afraid of Porter either. 

Here's sweet innocent Lolli with her blanket in bed. She's just waiting for Grace to pass by for the next round of face pummels.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh, I love the pictures! Especially the last one. Makes me want to kiss her little nosey!
    My other favorites are the one with Grace's questionable look and the one of Lolli on the table with Porter in the background.
    I may have to schedule a photo shoot with you soon b/c your pics of Porter and Grace are always so good! (Of course, they may not be invited to the shoot so we can actually get some photos.)


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