March 31, 2011

Traveling the Blogsphere

I was quite surprised this morning when I received an email from an editor at It's the web site that supplies me with all these lovely ads. 

As a Blogher member, I have a profile on their site, and I'm able to post blogs there as well. I recently posted by article about how I grocery shop. 

This morning, I learned that they had chosen it as a featured post, and they would be promoting it on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. It would also be promoted on the web site as a "featured" post. 

So this is how I've traveled the Blogsphere today. 

First, I posted my article here.

Then here on Blogher's site. As of right now, my article on the Blogher site has been read almost 300 times. Six people have shared it on their Facebook page. Three people have commented on the article directly, and three more have shared it on their Twitter page. 

Next, it was selected as a featured post, and Blogher posted it on their Facebook page. They have more than 11,000 fans so it's possible 11,000 people saw my face today:

After that, they posted it on their Twitter page. They have almost 25,000 Twitter followers.

So we're clear, all of these links they are posting go back to my article.  

Wow. This is why social media is so popular and addicting! Thousands of people have seen and read an article that I wrote. They've shared it with others and so on. It's very exciting for me, and I'm already thinking about what I can write next that will hopefully be featured. 





  1. Wow! You're famous! How many visitors have you had on your site today?


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