April 25, 2011


This Easter, I decided to make a centerpiece for my family's lunch. I was inspired by several blogs, and I decided I would combine some ideas to create my own craft project. 

1. Easter egg wreath
2. Cake pops
3. Egg shaped cake pops

Here are my supplies:

Plastic eggs, pink grass (they were totally out of green), Peeps

Two styrofoam circle, sprinkles, candy melts

Hot glue and bamboo skewers

First, I glued the smaller circle in the center of the larger circle. This gave me some height to work with.

Then, I glued the grass around it. It was a little tricky because the grass was difficult to glue, but I would just press a handful of grass onto the hot glue and then fill in the holes. 

I began to add the eggs then. 

After I made a circle around the bottom layer, 

 I began to glue eggs onto other eggs. 

I wasn't as clean with my hot glue, but everything stayed together, so I was happy. 

Working around the base, I then build layers of eggs to hide the edges of the styrofoam. 

After the edges were covered, I worked my way into the center. 

And I was done!

Remember the outer layers of my strawberry and chocolate cakes that fell apart? I saved them in the refrigerator, and I crumbled them up together. 

The cake and icing got mixed together to form a paste. 

Once I arrived in Little Rock, I then began putting everything together. 

I formed the cake balls into egg shapes....kind of. And dipped the ends of the bamboo skewers into some of the melted candy to secure them in the cake ball (eggs). They had to sit in the refrigerator for a while then. 

Once they had hardened a bit, I melted all the white candy melts, dipped the now egg pops in the melted candy and decorated them with my sprinkles. 

I stuck the skewers into egg crates to hold them upright while the candy dried. 

I split a few of the Peeps in half, and placed the halves on each side of the eggs. It looked like he was pecking his way out!

My Easter egg pops collection. 

The mess of sprinkles and Peeps parts in the sink. 

I was happy with my collection. 

 Except for this hot mess. His candy coating was lumpy, and he had pink sprinkles on him. He didn't make the cut sadly. What cut, you ask?

The cut to be placed in the center of my egg centerpiece!

I placed the egg pops all around the centerpiece. 

This was the finished project, and I used some of the whole leftover Peeps around the eggs too. 

It made for a cute and silly centerpiece. I think Easter is the best time to do cute crafts like this. All the eggs and Peeps and grass just lend themselves to a fun project. And this made for a cute pile of eggs in the center of our table.

I was also happy to use the leftover cake and icing instead of just throwing it away...or eating it all myself!

Hope you had a good Easter!


  1. Love it! And, P.S., so glad I got to see you this weekend!

  2. It's really cute...Thanks for the wonderful idea xD


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