April 4, 2011


Do any of you use Ziplist.com

It's a free web site, browser add-on and iphone app that allows you to save recipes and them add them to a grocery list. 

I first learned of it on MarthaStewart.com. When you're looking at one of her recipes, you'll see the Add to Shopping List link. 

This automatically adds the recipe to your recipe box on ZipList, once you create an account. 

Then, when you're ready to go shopping, you go to your Ziplist account and add that recipe to your shopping list. It populates the shopping list with all the ingredients, and it divides them up by categories. Depending on where you shop, you can even tell it to divide your items by the store's aisles. 

The iphone app syncs to your online account, and so you can add recipes, update the shopping list and mark things off all from your phone. 

Another aspect of the service is that it has a browser add-on. I'm currently using Chrome, and I have a shortcut link in my bookmarks bar. If I'm looking at a recipe on a blog or web site, and that site doesn't have the ZipList link, I can click my shortcut button, and Ziplist automatically grabs the recipe information. 

Now, I have found that it doesn't find the information on all sites, but it's easy to copy and paste the information into the pop-up box. 

I've also found that ZipList is a great way to track and save all the recipes I find. I'm constantly on blogs and cooking web sites, and Ziplist is an easy way to save everything I find. 

How do you keep track of all your online recipes?

**This isn't a promo for Ziplist or anything. I just love my lists!**

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  1. What???? I can see hours and hours of instruction ahead, can't you?


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