October 10, 2011

Weekend visitors of the baby kind

Guess who came to see me this weekend? My nephews and Cook family! 

Here is two-week-old Colton.

 I love those cheeks! 

Turns out my couch is also good for infant napping, not just adults. 

Big brother Bryce wanted to join in on the napping time. 

But he was just pretending to sleep. 

Grandma got some good love time. 

While the boys spend some time outside. 

Colton woke up and decided he was hungry. The next few shots really tell the entire story. 

"Seriously, yo. I'm hungry. Don't just sit there and take pictures of me."

Momma made it better,

while Grandma prepped the bottle. 

I think he knew what was coming. 

Everyone was happy again.

After a big lunch, Bryce decided he might need a little cat nap on Chris' leather chair. 

And, finally it was Grandpa's turn to hold Colton. Now that Colton wasn't crying and hungry anymore!

While Colton was awake, we all made sure to get our hands on him. He studied Grandma for a long time. 

And, I got to talk to him for a bit. 

By the time it was Chris' turn, Colton was getting a little tired of being passed around. 

But, Uncle Chris made it okay again.

Colton just needed a different perspective. 

He hung out on Chris' legs for a bit and showed off his smile. 

And in closing, Bryce took this last photo. I think the composition and focus are right on. Maybe we have another photographer and blogger in the family!

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