October 27, 2011

Fashion Trends for Grown Ups

As I'm approaching another birthday, and a change in seasons, I'm wondering how I should update my wardrobe accordingly. I'm not a big fashionista because I think runway trends are mostly silly. But, I understand how something completely overdone on the runway, can end up in my local store as something normal and cute. However, with age and in a work environment, it's difficult to stay up-to-date on fashion trends and not look like a teenager, wearing four trends at one time. I also don't want to purchase an entirely new wardrobe every season because everything I have is "so last season."

How do you stay in fashion while dressing your age? 

There is a great post on BlogHer: A Life Well Lived discussing this very issue. I've added my two cents, and you should to. There are also great ideas from other women, and I will take all the advice I can get!

And, you must enter the $250 sweepstakes! You could use the money to update your wardrobe :)

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